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Tired of digging through links trying to find the information you are looking for? We index all TTAB decisions in real time, and in a searchable format that will eliminate those long hours of digging through PDF files and hoping you have the right document.

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Not sure where to start? Have a question about your case?Need information to get your product or brand trademarked? Let us help! Our experts can answer your questions in our community forum. If you need an affordable trademark lawyer, we can help you with that too!

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Have you received a trademark office action? Do you need to see an example of a trademark office action response? We keep a current database on all trademark office actions as well as the office action response. Search for a case similar to yours and find a trademark office action example.

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Sure, you can search TTAB and fight your way through through the various links, read all the PDF files attached to the case to find that one piece of information that was not searchable, dig through hundreds of pages….but why?

We developed this website to make your research easy, and to give people a place to ask their questions and get answers. By converting all TTAB documents to searchable format, and creating an advanced search system that targets the exact information you were looking for, we have created the best portal for all things trademark law.

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