Kogan, Nataly

In the United States Patent and Trademark Office

In re Registration of:
Work It, Mom LLC
Reg. No, 77095442
Mark: WorkItMom!

Re: Response to Office Action dated May 15, 2008 for the mark Work It,

Petitioner Nataly Kogan, is a Co-Founder of Work It, Mom! LLC, a limited liability
company registered in Delaware, with a business address of 44 Pine Street, West Newton,
Massachusetts 02465 (“Kogan”), and hereby responds to the Office Action of the United
States Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”) filed on May 15, 2008. Kogan seeks to
modify the original application in two respects. The first, removing Class 9 in its
entirety. Second, Kogan requests an exception to allow her to amend the original
application to include Class 38, based on the rationale that this class is not an expansion
of the use of the mark, but a further clarification of the site’s functionality as a social
networking web site. Kogan is not an attorney and acknowledges she erred in choosing
Class 9, when Class 38 more accurately reflects her intended use of the mark for which
she applied. Please see the replacement class description that follows.

International Class 038 is defined as follows: G & S: providing online chat rooms,
bulletin boards and community forums for the transmission of messages among computer
users concerning working moms life, classifieds, virtual community and social
networking. Use of electronic transmission of streamed and downloadable audio and
video files via computer and other communications networks.

Petitioner respectfully requests that an exception be made to allow the amendment of the
original application and the proper inclusion of IC 038, as detailed above, to avoid a new
filing of a trademark application.

Respectfully submitted,

Nataly Kogan
Victoria Grace
Work It, Mom! LLC
44 Pine Street
West Newton, Massachusetts 02465
(917) 907-4618
email: [email protected]
[email protected]