ICaitlin Watts-FitzGeraId/
Trademark Examining Attorney
Law Of?ce 111
U.S. APPLICATION SERIAL NO. 75718230 57l_272_9015
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Michael James DelCharco
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ISSU E/MAI LING DATE: 07-08—2015

Note: Due to serious personal reasons, this reply has been delayed. It is requested that this been taken
into consideration and a time waver be granted. if costs are involved, please let me know. Thank you.

The applicant has reviewed the examiner’s detailed review and various references. The applicant
appreciates the extent of details and presents the following:

SUMMARY OF ISSUES are addressed

Zlell 11 Refusal — Mark is Merely Descriptive.

The following re5ponse to the refusal contains evidence and arguments in support of registration.

The Mark is not merely descriptive if known English words are assembled to form new meanings, which
can be addressed in frequent usage. The same thing happens with made-up collection of English letters.
in the case of BIG TAPE, it is clear temporary repair of broken giass is one sole function. Like the 15
“Duct Tape” marks, combination of words take on new meaning. it is also interesting that there are
2,361 marks that use the word ml’APE””.

According to my Merriam-Webster’s College Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, page 120 (see attachment);
the word “big” has many meanings. However when combined with “Tape” has no definition. Likewise
page 1277 (see attachment) defines “tape”, has ratherfew definitions. To clarify this in the marketplace,
the product has an instruction sheet that covers the product reorder name and product number, as well
as how to use it. Only safety statements would be added to preclude unsafe usage. The marketplace will
certainly expand the usage of the product. A good example is Duct Tape? To insure future use, the
addition of a company logo to the mark maybe later.

Specimen Reguired

My understanding of the trademark rules and regulations is that the ?rst-to—file or receipt date gets the
mark. In my case, much time was spend on getting the invention to work, and to get a source of supply.
There was very little time to package, write instructions, size, ack, and distribute, etc. To do all the
things the Office speaks of, would put the date several months off. The object on my side of the table
was to get the application into the Office utilizing an early on customer mailing. This meant using a
marked up product that was available at the time of the mailing to the Office. Attached is the more
attractive packaging, which is submitted to serve as the application specimen; however, the original
photograph submitted with the application submission date still applies.

identification of Goods.

The wording of the identification of Goods Class 16 is amended as follows: “Adhesive plastic ?lm used
for wrapping, specifically, for temporary repair and securement of broken glass, or the like, in any

Supplement Register

This will be addressed upon receipt from the examiner of the aforementioned augments and changes.

Since I, the applicant, has addressed in a timely manner each issue to the best of my ability, I assume the
application ma move ahea for roval.


120 bifurcation e bilateral

u r-‘ki-sham rt (1.61 1 a ‘ :3 ~- int at which hi- zbiggin n [MP beguin] (1530) ardxaic : cm: a : a child’s or;
– lg-glsh ‘bi-gish adi (ca. 1626) : somewhat his
‘ g-ger: hi g-ges1 [ME . p??hieo‘tx s can a origin; ?lm‘ ! to
a ??
1:I ’ bkig“? lg gun It (1834) : one having preeminent status or power in a tick-
ant mm] (14c) 1 8 abr Lot great strengthmb air It (1978) : hair that is styled and teased to occupy an 11an
: L’,’.“…’.J-.:n’;«~ 1.; e We .

orw dial. bum import e amount of space abovo and around the head
: of great force (a.~ storm) 2 a : large or great in dimensions. bulk. m
or extent (a ~ house : also : large or great in quantity, number, or bl – end ‘big-,bed n (1805) 1 : any of several diseases of a ,
amount (a ~ ?eet) : operating on a large scale (~ government) in rkcd by swelling about the head 2 : an era elated opinim ,
o – ‘s imp ort anc e —- usu . use d wit h the — big -bo a -ad -‘ he- d:€
c : can-rat. 1 3 a : renames-n esp : nearly ready to give birth 1: big eartoed -‘har-to_d adj (1846) : omnous, cr-mrtrrmm —-
: full to bursting : (~ with rage) c of the voice : full and he. rt-adoly adv—- b1 -beartoeduness n
resonant 4 a : CHIEF. FREEme (the ~ issue of the campaign) b 1 cm sheep ‘bis-. ém- n (1838) : a‘usu.
1 outstandingly worthy or able (it truly ~ man) c : of great impor- h—brown wild sheep (Or-is modem-u) of
lance or signi?cance (the ~ moment) :1 : momma, PRETENNM TKOUS:
ked by or giv en to boa sti ng (~ tal k) e : L AG NA OU S. ominous and desert regions of western
als o : mar America -— called also bigltom
A” omens (was ~ about it) 5 : POPULAR (soft drinks are very ~ in . house n, o?en cap BM! (1913) slung
Mexico mRus-s Leadabrand) 6 : full-bodied and flavorful —- use d of _
or iii:- mmnv
.3. our : wine — big-ly adv — big-noes n – hig on : strongly favoring bl ht ‘bit 1: [ME fr. OE byht bend. bay: akin
“4.: ing; alro : noted for (she is big on blushing -—Arnold Hana) OE bison to bend — more at now] (15c) 1
a boast—
11:19 adv (1807) 1 : in aloud or declamatory manner. also : nin~> (lost a bend in a coast forming an open bay; also
ing manner (tail: ~) 2 e : to a large amount or extent (wo a bay formed by such-a bend 2 : a slack
Fab b c:l on; large scale (think ~> (worry ~) 3 : mun (hits her art or loop in a rope
are an no in g league 7: (1899) 1 : more mom: 2
3mg n (1965) : an individual or organization of outsta nding importnn
(playing in the : on: me; 2 —- often used in pi. -— big-
or power. up : swan LEAGUE ——- usu. used in pl. leaaue ad] — big lea¥ern
blg-a-rnous ‘bi-go~mes adj (1851) ‘1 : guilty of bigamy : – .
big on, sometimes my ¢!:L (I946) : a deliber-
‘volving bigamy (a~marrlage — – – . v – ate gross distortion or the truth used esp. as a
z ‘ ‘ ‘ . . I amm,fr.Lbl’-+LL
mpaganda 1.1ch
-gamr‘n -garny] (13c) : the act of entering into a marriage with one per- b g~mouthed ‘bignmaumd, ‘bigqmai‘xtht. bighom sheer:
son while still legally married to another — bigot-mist -mist I! ‘blg—’ adj (1630) 1 : having a large mouth 2
bl-ga-rade bé-gi-‘ii? 71 IF. fr. Occitan bt‘garrado, fr. bigamr to varie- : LOUDMOUTHED
gate} (1703) 1 : sotm. ounce 2 : a bmwu sauce ?avored with the big na me 1: (18 82) : a pe rf or me r or pe rs on ag e of top ra nk in I! .
juice and grated rind of oranges recognition (3 big name in the business world) — bl _ amo a4; ’1
big band n (1926) : a band that is larger than a combo and that usu. bigqmmla big-‘nB-nE-on INT… genus name, fr. . .Blgnyn (“17%)
features a mixture of ensemble playing and solo improvisation typical royal librarian} (1785) : a woody evergreen vine (Bigoonga cap

of jazz or swing of the family Bignoniaoeae. the bignonia family) of American one
big hang it (1948) : the cosmic explosion that marked the beginning of and: woody vines with compound leaves and tubular ?owers ; _
the universe according to the big bang theory —- compare BIG CRUNCH big-o! ‘bi-gat n IF, hypocrite. bigot] (1660) : a person obstinate-{g
big bang theory n (1955) : a theory in astronomy: the universe origi- lntolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. a
nated b lions of years ago in an explosion from a single point of nearly 1 one who regards or treats the members of a_youp (as a ruin] a ‘
in?nite energy density -—- compare STEADY nan-z mom’ ni_c group) with hatred and intolerance — blgoot-ed -go-tod carp ‘
big beat n, a?en cap bath 8: (1958) : music (as rock) characterized by a bigot-eddy adv .
heavy persistent beat blg-ot-ry ‘bi-ga—tra n. pl -rios (ca. 1674) 1 : the state of mine s
Bl Ben -‘benn [SirBeru‘amin Hall #1867 Eng. Chief Commissioner of bigot 2 : acts or beliefs characteristic of a bigot
orks} (1859) ‘i : a large bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Pat’— big picture 1:, a?en cup 3621’ (en. 1960) : the entire perspective on;
liament in London 2 : the tower that houses Big Ben; aim : the clock uation or issue —— used with the
in the tower big science :2, often cap Bat-S (1961) : large-scale scienti?c mere
big bluos’tem n (1894) : BLUESI’EM 1 consisting of projects funded usu. by a national government or
big boy n (1924) : inc our: — usu. used in pi. of govemmmts ~
big brother I: (1844) 1 : an older brother 2 : a man who serves as a big semen in (1969) : the motion picture medium often as con 7
companion, father figure. and role model for a boy 3 cap b01115: [Big to television (a story adapted for the bigscreen) —-— big-selecting? V
Brother, personi?cation of the power of the state in 1984 (1949) by big shot ‘bigo,sh§t n (1929) : a person of consequence or pro ‘
George Orwell] a : the leader of an authoritarian state or movement corporate bigslmls) j
1) : an all-powerful government or organization monitoring and direct— blg stick 2: (1904) : threat esp. of military or politicallntervent ioc
ing people’s actions (data banks that tell Big Brother all about us big—tickget ‘bis-‘tiwko? adi (1945) : having a high price (th e air
H-Hcrbert Brucker) ~ item
Big Broth-er-lsm —’bre-1har-,l—z=m n (1950) : authoritarian attempLs ‘big—time ‘bis?im adj (1930) : relating to or involved in the big“
at complete control (as of a person or a nation) ~ sports); alto : MAJOR 4 (~ operators)
big brown bat n (1925) : an insectiVorous medium-sized bat (Epren‘cus 2b g‘tlme adv (1980) : in a mnior or largeetzle way (the new “
?ueus) having brownish [or that is found from southern Canada to bombed N); also : to a great extent or degree (cures me ~)
northern South America and that often roosts in buildings big time -.?mn (1910) 1 : a ‘ -paying vaudeville circuit
big [make (1970) : a large sum of money —- usu. used in p1. (signed a only two performance a day 2 : the top rank of an activity orev‘
contract for big bucks) prise – big-tim-er —.li-mar n
big business It (1905) 1 : an economic group consisting of large big toe in (ca. 18 : the innermost and largest toe of the [out
profit-making corporations esp. with regard to their in?uence on social big top a (1763) : the main tent of a circus 2 : crncus 23. b
or political policy 2 : a very pro?table enterprise big tree 7: (1853) : GIANI’ SEQUDIA
big c n, a?en capB (1964) : CANCER 2 big wheel n (1942) : memo, mo snort
big choose it (1914) : BOSS. BIG GUN bigéwl ‘big~nvix n (1703): an important person
big crunchy. a?en cap B&C (1979) : a hypothetical cosmological 31- av! bi-‘hz‘rr-? n (1882) ‘1 : a group of lode—Aryan language
event in which all matter in the univarse collapses to a singularity and Bbojpuri) spoken in Bihar, India, and adjacent areas 2 a : a n ’
which is posited to be a possible fate of the universe if the density of inhabitant of Bihnr b : n Muslim born in Blhar who emigrated
matter in it is suf?ciently high — compare arc BANG the partition of India in 1947: also : a descendant of such a r502
big dddy n, alien cap 8&D (1958) : one preeminent esp. by reason of brine-tron (.)bl-‘jck-shenn [‘bin 4- Julian (as in infection?l?;
ower. size. or seniority : one representing paternalistic authority
mathematical function that is a origin-one and onto mapping —
1: g deal 1: (ca. 1943) : something of special importance (what’s the big page memoir. sumecuorr —— brace-?ve -‘jek-tiv ad] I;
deal?) (saw it as no big deal) — sometimes used ironically as an inter-
ec on biuou ‘bE-.2hii n, pl bllous or bloioux -.z.bii(z) IF. fr. Bret e I’ «
i Diaper n (1863) : the seven principal stars in the constellation of ring, fr. biz finger} (1668) 1 : a small dainty usu. ornamental .’ 1‘:
131! $10!
delicate workmanship : JEWEL 2 : something delicate. elegant“
highly prized – bllou adj .
biogeru-l-ny bl-‘je-mo-né n [bigemr’nal (double. paired). fr. LL bigemi-
nus. fr. br- + seminu: twin] (ca. 1923) : the state of having a pulse char- bl-lou-te-rle bi-‘zbd-Wha n (F. fr. btjau] (1815) : a collection
acterized by two beats close together with a pause following each pair trinkets or ornaments : IEWELS: alto : DECORATION
wild bees, “3g
1 bike roan n ME] 04:) 1 chie?y Scat : a nest ofple
of beats — bl-gem-Lnal —mo.n’l adi
bl- e-ner-lc ibi-lo-‘ncr-ilt, -ne-ril: ad} (1885) : of, relating to. or in- 2 hornets 2 chie?y Scot : a crowd or swarm of peo
vo vlns two pattern (a ~ hybrid) bike It [by shortening a: alter-.1 (1882) 1 : maven-z 2: MOTOR
big-eye ‘bis-.i n (a. 1889) : any of several small widely distributed 3 : MOTORBlKE 4 : STATIONARY BICYCLE
reddish to silvery bony fishes (genus Priacambu: of the family Pria- “bike vi hiked; blk-in (1895) : to ride a bike
canthldae) of tropical seas bik-er ‘bi-l:or n (18 3) 1 : §1€YCLIST 2 : Momncrcusr. esp ; ’
blgoye tuna n (1944) : a large-eyed tuna (TI‘mner chews) that has who is a member of an o aimed club or gang
bikewvay ‘bikqw? n (19 : o. thoroughfare for bicycles
long pectoral fins and often a bluish stripe on the side and is found in
warm ocean waters worldwide blk-le _’bi-ké n [‘bike + «‘23 (1967) : am 2
bl doot ‘big—.ft‘lt n. pl big-feet -,fét or bi otoots alien cap (1958) bl-kl-rlt ho—‘kéma :1 IF. fr. Bikini, atoll of the Marshall Islands]
1 r. the size of the footprints ascribed to it : SASQUATCH 2 : BIG 1 a : a woman’s scanty two-piece bathing suit b : a man‘s brief- :3 ‘
st-to’r suit 2 z a man’s or woman’s low-cut briefs —- bi-ki-nled also .,
bl game 1: (1860) 1 : relatively large animals sought or taken by m’d -néd adj
bll abbr billion ~
hunting or ?shing esp. for sport 2 : an important objective cw. when
‘bloln-bloal (Jbi-‘l?-bE-c“ adj ?SV] (1894) of a consonant : pre‘
Wm -n-? we c
or 1-91-o w» i-go-té can‘ [b ig+-etyas inpmiaka1y)1 with both lips
(£830) 1 Sauthgm .ltMic?and : concur-no. mm 2 Southern d’eMid- 2bilabial n (1899) : a bilabial consonant
land : rudely self-important : thUDEN’r (never acted ~ in court, but bl-lB-bi-ate -bE-ct ad] (1794) : having two lips (a ~ corolla)
she would how her head only so low —-Claude Brown) bl-lat-eronl (.)bi-‘la-t(o—)rol Adi (1775) ‘l : having two sides 2
ibis-pie ‘bi- E :1 (ca. 1926) : one that is big and often important fecting reciprocally two nations or parties (a nu treaty) (a ~ 4’ (
big-gin or!) 9%? ‘bi-gan 7: [ME bigging, fr. bigger: to dwell. fr. ON agreement) 3 a : of, relating to. or affecting the right and left ‘ “,
byggia,‘ akin to him: to be] (14:) archaic : ammo the body or the right and left members of paired organs (~ nephrgfooi7
tankard o tape
rstick 1277
cap : the path o
f virtqu condu
o! cap : the art o c t as conceived b
rial nature of the skill of doing something in h my Conroci ans 3 012:]:
Tao-ism -.i-zam thing (the .~ ol‘ archery) any with the ess
e n-
mystiml philos a l t o Dao-Ism ‘dat’t-‘t n
am: and mountin tury as. t at tcoacphy Ira ditionally founded by Lao
_, wilt)“ ad] (18 g a c a bide “50 simplicity 2 . a. ltcs conformity to the Tao by u-n12o m the Sixth cen-
93) Hang : DRU a n non assermc 3613011 a
(«I :utan n (1900) NK Ia – often use
d w th up and Buddhist re re igloo developed from Taoi nd
a : a on hgton and conce s t p h i l oso h and folk
‘ bulk z a vehicle on whoicshhip ?tted with tanks for onune often by ma rned Vtth ob n
a ‘‘ ‘ au- ls-lik. tau- :2 gical means — Tao-lot —‘ ing long hi: and good
a : aplug fora h OE tmppa,‘ akin
. o l c ( a s i
‘ n to OHS zap/to to
1935) – 3- Wom- a spout and valve a cask) : SPIGOT p] (13:11 126
attachedto the end of a pi b : a device c
o ‘sting of
ta)“ t01′) fluid : Ewen—r 2 a p
. mde shoulder of removing fluid : a liquor drawn through ea tto control the flow on:
ternal screw thr (as from a. body cavity) 3 : a ap ta : the procedure
where a connec ead 4 – tool [or loaning an in- ”
tion may be ma a t e point in an elec
to be dam-n from de 5 : errm tric circuit
_: broached or fu a large container (as a cash p – on i
instantly on tap
r n i s h e d w i t h a ta o r keg)
:55, or result ol‘ ~Hugh Doom) 3 : on )1 d 13″
ta -—H. W. Vind) 4 .’ coming up ( LE (services
: a compound of nning In 2ten rt tapped: other matches o
n tap
a tam-t
‘ to acquire a. su : one that tans bids 2 :
again unknown] ntan
(ca. 1811) Brit .’ to
n [prob fr. NL
SDQENCE trees) b : to drpierce so as to let out or draw
L. Tanner T1906 Aen,‘ speci?c epithet of Chionoecet (the story ~s po aw out. from,
m. naval of? es
“cabs {genus Qtianaec cer} (1947) : any o
f sev- radio signal) to gwerful emotions) 3 :
< ans-re. 'tan-re n, p etes) – an: : SNOW CRAB e
in by means ofa t information 4 : to i‘
l mar-’ins (1694) : a la}: 5 :
place where tan-
. tannin] (1836) 1
of wine : contai r : of, resembling,
u‘ n s an abundance
, oIGmc Origin:1 . F taper to strik
to tan] (1802) ‘l paw] rt (EC) 1 : kin to MHG (ape e with the flat
: a n y o f v a t o s t n ' k e l i g h p aw. blow dealt wi
substances of plan r i o u s solu- l i
d g ht blow with t l y e sp. with a slight s th the
t o r i g i n u S e d e s ' ound 2 : to give
monufactual'-n; ink p. in ‘. ' : to bring about b a
. clarifying wine typewriter) 4 : y repeat-
TE (was tapped f to repair by put-
rnhership (as in a or police commis
f r a t e r n –
low : RA? 2 : to i ty) ~v1' 1 z to
temper n “all: With light au
dible steps
_: a light usu. audi
. ble blow: aka : i
‘lic coast evergree small metal plate beats on a snare d ts sound b : one
n f o r u m 2 : H of
has met tree (Lil/100mm r the sole or heel
o t
A LF SOLE 3 : a
' t a " n : H A P 7, , ' a shoe 4 : TAP on
6 5mm cc a“ 5 c m: a ' 0 8 ' l a –
. ch l 5
I nfn [Tano, a £011]: an r a . 'R- 1: [Marquesau . .
of former puelilos in m a d e i n the Pacific islan <2 : T a h itian] (1817) : a co
o c ‘cuu dian Ian z t m u l b e n d s f r o m t h e p o u n a r se cloth
Slanggn Edi 3 ass 0 ’en in ' y ‘ E D P “Si-L decorate d e d b a rk es . of the pap
3 r G _ er
arm fr. AF tartari“c,g P ( 1 9 0 m e
t CE I I J
f r . LL (0110- 3 9 ) : a n o r : docuvre s-ned Wi o r i g i n : a l u n ' o
rid composite herb u s u . u s e d t h d r appa ap
(Tallacel'um vulgar I n I. i n k s esp in Spamsh
d has bitter-tasting e ) lap dance it 192 bars —
?ower heads lacki ?nely divided shoes with hard so
8) 1 : a step dan
ng my ?owers: les or soles and he e upped out audxbly by means of
2 : something sug els to which taps h
an Old _World yel gesung 3_ 23? dapce es ave been added
lortf—?owcrcd sene r
; p : an action or disc
cnco and is toxi io c _‘ . ourse in-
c t . .. – lam
ance ri—- tap da
ncern -— tap —

:2 ‘tan-to-.Iiz vb -liz
:2: y or as if by presened; -liz-lng {Yamaha} VI (1597) : to
by keeping it out tin gsomething des as:
of reach ~11‘ : to i r a b le to titevieo ~ or
E-iiz-er n cause one to be la
:9 antigen. 1683) . ma .
as: or interest; alsopossessmg a quality that arouses or
z-lng-ly adv : mockingl stimuv . – e grassn (ca.
. -. 1818} : anyof seve
pants (genus l ral 5
:9) . avast-white d w i t h – ollimen'a – . _ 'c
ucts]: acid-resist‘tn ; » " – v
g metallic element f tape measure It ee gram wild celer
ound marked off in unit ) : a norm strip (as o y
s ( a s i n f a limp cloth ors
ta-peonade .ti-p c h e s or centimeters) f teel tape)
= – ' n ? d n { F r a p r measuring
caper. ultim. fr. L énadz Er '
Spread made chie c a p p a l i r — more at canal ado, fr. zapeno
f! ‘ ] (195’) ‘
‘ta-per 'ta‘.-por 11 '
0p : a locked ce m m [ M E f r . O E taper candle, wic
e without a key l l : p a p y r u s ] (bel'. 12:) k.
unt 'tan-to-.mnimt wick used esp. for a : a slender candle
a d j labs. tantamount. n
matter to amo .. equivalent. fr. light 2 a z a tape lighting candles. lamps, pipes. or b : a long waxed
:e. or effect (a relat h] (1641).: equival n e
ring form or figur
?r. es . c : a fee‘ ble
i o n s h i p e n t i n v a l u e , ss, diameter. or wi b : gradual diminu
ta?-'ta-ro, Jar-ah ~ t o ztaper adj (15c) d t h in an elongated ob tion of thick-
: p r o g r ject it : a gradua
o a trumpet or om nished with or adj essively narrowed l decrease
n-‘ti-va adv [orig u s t e d toward one end
i n u n k n o
a t a p e r v b t a – p e r e d : t
c u l e : G R A D U A T E ! ) (
2 : fur-
i-iiv-ieg (ca. 16 wn] (1641) .' at a g
a l l op p r omiwly smaller a m e r – m g ‘ t i – p f o o J r i m
~ freight rates)
58) 1 : a rapid all v i ( 1 6 1 0 ) 1
: to diminish grad: uto become
o p o r r i d e 2 : t o w a r d o n e e n d 2
,Vq?m cap Sin, lit., TANTARA
1:17:91}: to stretch – warp, fr. (not? h ally ~ rt
— more at ?ing] (1 e tape—re-cord Lta .. J : one that app
799} p l
fag] (I950) : to ma -d-‘kord. “tsp- '-. w [back-for ies or dispenses tape
'ugticcs outlined in t a p ke a recording o matio n fr. my: reco
tnsm -.ti-i-zana) I: ~ the tantra ~ tan-tr e recorder n (193 f on magnetic tape rd-
i o – t n ‘ l : a d " , m a g 2) : a device {or
m-tron? a [origin Tan-tr' ~tn‘st n alien n e t ic tape recording on an
d playing back
n?-ké u Up, racc u n k n o wn] (I714) : a fit m g n (1940) : ma
o f b a d : a g n
o o n d o g ] ( c a . 19.2.9) : e f t e m p e r r e c o r d i n g m ade by this pro etic recordin on m netic
tamer-er ‘tzi-p cess
t o c‘ a!
ar~ar 12 (15c) : on “8 P ’ m
ll (16 65) : the section or part o e who be
f a tannery housing taper off.vb (1848
Ifm-chnitln ITanzan ) :
tamer-stuck ‘ta-pa TAPER (housing starts tapered o]?
i o ,
nety 0f ZOlSlie and is u Africa} (1968) : a mineral that is a r-.stik n (1546) : a in the fall
s candlestick that hold
Zl n [Chin (Beijing) dda ed as a gemstone s tapers
uolmpwable source a lit.,.$"ay1 @736) 9 ohm = kitten
nd guiding pnnci Ftable =r furthe
r a ash l
Ztlll 011! lclll
{El bet lé'l easy a “) ace Iii map, mar
n sing 6 go 3 go i hit i
6 law oi boy th ice Mob
y yet zh Vi thin 1h the
sion. beige k. ? loot ' foot
n. Ce. 12. 3‘ see G
uide to Pmnun

(f)le M )1 I ' MANYUESI f;7

5’2 Ff