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Tired of digging through links trying to find the information you are looking for? We index all TTAB decisions in real time, and in a searchable format that will eliminate those long hours of digging through PDF files and hoping you have the right document.

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You don’t have to be a lawyer to research cases similar to yours. Find examples of trademark cases similar to your product, brand or case easily. Save your search for later, share it and get updates for ongoing cases you are interested in.

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Not sure where to start? Have a question about your case?Need information to get your product or brand trademarked? Let us help! Our experts can answer your questions in our community forum. If you need an affordable trademark lawyer, we can help you with that too!

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Sure, you can search TTAB and fight your way through through the various links, read all the PDF files attached to the case to find that one piece of information that was not searchable, dig through hundreds of pages….but why?

We developed this website to make your research easy, and to give people a place to ask their questions and get answers. By converting all TTAB documents to searchable format, and creating an advanced search system that targets the exact information you were looking for, we have created the best portal for all things trademark law.

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Why do you need a US trademark search?

us trademark search portalYou should perform a US trademark search frequently to make sure another business is not using your mark It is possible similar trademarks are being registered, either on a federal or state level. If your a startup company then performing a US trademark search is essential. Otherwise you could spend years establishing your reputation just to have your name taken away and a possible lawsuit.

The best place to start is with a US trademark search. While you may not uncover the details that a lawyer would, you can easily rule out similar names before going to the expense and time of hiring an attorney.

Trademark registration is the best way to establish your brand and prevent anyone else form using your name, logo or mark. If you do not register your trademark, you may lose your rights to it.

Perform your US trademark search simply by using our form. A simple search can be used to search by similar names. An advanced US trademark search allows much more flexibility and allows results by trademark name, class, filing date, active status and much more. Use boolean queries such as AND OR to narrow down the results even further. You will be able to view, save or download past trademark cases and decisions.